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Arvo Pärt, Julia Wolfe, Caroline Shaw and songs from Laudario di Cortona.

"...deep popular roots medieval chants and the spiritual uplifting of Pärt's soaring music... this juxtaposition becomes fascinating." - Le Devoir

"This beautifully conceived recording opens with two works by Caroline Shaw and Julia Wolfe, interleaved with groups of sacred works by Arvo Pärt as well as six Laude from Cortona in Tuscany. The Laude, drawn from a 13th-century manuscript which was only discovered in the 19th century, are imaginatively arranged by Paul Hillier.

Sung with a huge expressive range, from rustic energy to rapt contemplation, the medieval works forge connections with the 21st-century compositions through shared keys, motives, textures and words. But there is plenty of variety, from the slow and contemplative, to the lilting and dancelike. This is outstanding programming."

BBC Music Magazine

  • Review BBC Music Magazine

    This recording offers spiritual revelation and sonic pleasure from start to finish.

    BBC Music Magazine
  • En omfavnelse af velklang

    Albummet er fuld af lækker velsang og velklang med et Ars Nova Copenhagen i topform.

    Magasinet Klassisk
  • Superbly executed

    The leaps between our own time and Umbria 700 years ago seem entirely natural in Hillier’s hands and the virtuosic vocalists of Ars Nova are completely inside the music. This is an uplifting disc.
    5 STARS

  • Delightful and quirky - Gramophone

    Ars Nova are, as usual, fully in command of both early and recent styles: this is a sparkling, thought-provoking recording of great originality.