Monday, Sep 10th 2012 - 10:00pm
Arranged by: Theatehaus Stuttgart

The music of two of the greatest masters of sacred music – the Estonian Arvo Pärt and the 15th-century Netherlands master, Johannes Ockeghem – is contrasted with a compelling work from Israeli composer Shulamit Ran.

Summa means the summing up of what one believes in, the code one lives by, a declaration of faith. This title was used by Arvo Pärt for his 1979 setting of the Latin Credo in his unique tintinnabuli style. Our program also includes a rather different kind of Credo by the Israeli composer Shulamit Ran. Her Credo/Ani Ma’anim (= I believe) uses a Jewish text by Maimonides (1135-1205) that articulates the Principles of Faith. Other Jewish prayers are used together with statements written during the Holocaust.


Arvo Pärt (b. 1935) Summa (Credo)
Shulamit Ran (b. 1947) Credo/Ani Ma'amin
Johannes Ockeghem     (d. 1497) Si ambulem in medio umbrae mortis           (Graduale from Requiem)
(short pause)  
Arvo Pärt Bogoroditse dyevo
Johannes Ockeghem Ave Maria
Arvo Pärt Most Holy Mother of God
Johannes Ockeghem Salve Regina
Arvo Pärt Magnificat
Johannes Ockeghem Alma redemptoris mater