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Power and Dunstaple were the leading English composers of the 15th century – when English music was the avant-garde of all Europe! – and their mantle was inherited by the great Burgundian, Guillaume Dufay, here shown by his motet for the consecration of the Duomo in Florence. Josquin Desprez’s Miserere is one of the greatest motets of the 16th century, and here completes a stunning portrait of Renaissance sacred music in Stavnsholt Kirke in Farum



Plainchant Kyrie Deus Genitor
Leonel Power (d. 1445) Missa alma redemptoris, Gloria
Plainchant Alma Redemptoris
Leonel Power Missa alma redemptoris, Credo
John Dunstable (d. 1453) Quam pulcra es
Leonel Power Missa alma redemptoris, Sanctus, Agnus
(short pause)  
Guillaume Dufay (d. 1474) Nuper rosarum flores
Josquin des Prez (d. 1521) Miserere mei Deus