The Lamb

Tuesday, Apr 9th 2019 - 7:30pm
Price: TBA
Arranged by: Ordrup Kirke

Ars Nova's Easter Concert offers a number of the beautiful Laude de Cortona songs. Among others, Frans of Assisi's Il Cantico del Sole, the Sun song, thought to be among the first literature, if not the first, written in Italian. The Italian songs are intervowen with newer music. John Tavener's popular "The Lamb", which in its beautiful simplicity almost appears hypnotic. "Morning Star" presents one of the finest examples of Arvo Pärt's alluring minimalism. James MacMillan's varied and vibrant "Misere" captures both the drama and the beauty of the story of Easter. Gabriel Jackson's "Stabat Mater", Maria's lament, is a potential modern classic with a rarely heard sensitive and responsive interpretation of the powerful text.


Laude di Cortona

Laude novella sia cantata
Gloria in cielo
Venite a laudare

Gabriel Jackson Stabat Mater
John Tavener  The Lamb
Laude di Cortona

Oi me, lasso, è freddo lo mio core
Sia laudato San Francesco

Arvo Pärt  

Most Holy Mother of God

Francis of Assisi ([Laude di Cortona])

Cantico del Sole

James Macmillan