I Shall Feed My Eyes

Sunday, Oct 17th 2021 - 8:00pm
Price: 195,-
Arranged by: VEGA - Musikkens hus

'I shall feed my eyes' is an innovative vocal work by the young award-winning composer Signe Lykke, where the physical limits of the acoustic voice are challenged in the encounter with specially designed electronic elements by Anders Stig Møller (Turboweekend).

We monitor - and watch over - each other as fellow human beings. We selectively mirror ourselves in highly polished glossy images on social media and seek recognition in numbers. Algorithms control our overall health when we track steps, measure heart rate and quantify sleep. Visibility has taken on a whole new meaning - the more eyes that see, the better. "I shall feed my eyes" is a journey behind the darkness of the screen. Ars Nova, on the one hand, represents a beautiful version of itself that strives for acoustic perfection, while at the same time a digital reality exists in parallel, which by distraction becomes incapacitated and reveals the imperfect. The work consists of a long series of reflections and numbers, interrupted only by a single recurring melody - a digital footprint that winds in and out through the work - an echo from a bygone era, where Narcissos falls in love with his own reflection and then dies.

Ars Nova also sings 'How to Fold the Wind' by American Pulitzer-winning composer Caroline Shaw. The work is inspired by origami, speech, breathing, wordless melodies and innovative vocal effects, where the individual voices merge into a complex whole.

The concert is amplified.

Doors open at 19.00

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Signe Lykke I shall feed my eyes
Caroline Shaw How to fold the wind