Arvo Pärt: Creator Spritus

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Paul Hillier curates this collection of Arvo Pärt's instrumental and choral chamber music drawn from different periods in the composer's career. He brings together his celebrated vocal ensembles, along with chamber group NYYD, and long-time collaborator organist Christopher Bowers-Broadbent, to produce another powerful recording of ethereal sacred music.

1 Veni creator 3:20
2 The Deer's Cry 4:39
3 Psalom 5:06
4 Most Holy Mother of God 4:35
5 Solfeggio 4:47
6 My Heart's in th Highlands 8:41
7 Peace upon you, Jerusalem 5:23
8 Ein Wallfahrslied 9:11
9 Morning Star 3:18
10 Stabat Mater 26:04
  • "The vocalists and instrumentalists sound heavenly"

    Paul Hillier works his magic. It is most definitely worth seeking out.

    Classical-Modern Music Review
  • "The impact is as satisfying as it is profound"

    It’s this inexorable journey to stillness, and the stunning economy by which it gets there which makes Pärt’s music compelling, timeless and moving.

    Sid Smith blog
  • Fem stjerner

    A sublime concord of voices and strings in Pärt's characteristic tintinnabulate flotation.

  • "Virtuosic singers"

    It is no surprise that the virtuosic singers in Theatre of Voices and Ars Nova Copenhagen are often to be found in early music ensembles.

    The Observer (London)
  • "Fully at ease..."

    The patient, softly-contoured gentleness they bring to the start of The Deer’s Cry is mesmerising and makes the stresses of its later insistence – climax seems too strong a word – all the more effective.
  • "A gorgeous disc"

    The sound of the uppermost voice in Hillier’s choirs—soprano Else Trop—is somewhere between celestial and astounding.
  • ...der glänzenden Ars Nova Copenhagen...

    Es ist ein Glücksfall gerade für Pärts Musik, dass fast alle Interpreten hier sowohl Spezialisten für Alte als auch Neue Musik sind.

    Musik: 5 Sterne
    Klang: 5 Sterne

    Fono Forum, Mai 2012
  • "A fascinating re-think of the sound of the sacred"

    This is perfect music in which to take refuge

    Definitely the Opera
  • "sound heavenly"

    The vocalists and instrumentalists sound heavenly. Paul Hillier works his magic. It is most definitely worth seeking out.

  • "Bone-chilling"

    is perhaps the warmth and beauty of the voices of Ars Nova Copenhagen that is most immediately striking.

    Gramophone, June 2012
  • Creator Spiritus - musicaeterna

    Sur la pochette du disque, une salle obscure et déserte, au sol grisâtre et aux murs épurés.
  • Organist's Review: Creator Spiritus

    The quality of the singing, whether from choir or soloists, is outstanding.

    Organist's Review
  • Review from

    Hillier’s two groups are nothing short of fantastic