Schott and Sons, Mainz (2009)

Gerald Barry
I offer you the following, but you must not delay too long in reaching a decision about this: - a new grand solemn Mass with solo voices and choruses and a full orchestra. Although I find it difficult to talk about myself, yet I must say that I consider this to be my greatest work. The fee would be 1000 gulden: a new grand symphony which concludes with a Finale (in the style of my fantasia for piano with chorus, but on a far grander scale) with vocal solos and choruses, based on the words of Schiller's immortal and famous song 'An die Freude'. The fee is 600 gulden. A new quartet for two violins, viola and violoncello, for which the fee is 50 gold ducats - I wish you every success in your efforts on behalf of art. For, after all, only art and science give us intimations and hopes of a higher life. Please do not be anxious about the quartet or about the other two works. Everything will be delivered during the first few days of next month. Surely you are now convinced of my sincerity. So do not suspect any cunning, double-dealing or the like. Who knows what a fine connexion may yet be established between us! By the way, please do not worry if you hear perhaps of a pianoforte arrangement which I have been invited to make. This has not been and will not be undertaken. This arrangement was discussed, but only until I was quite sure of you. The fact is that somebody in Vienna, whom you would hardly guess (but who is also a publisher) advised me not to have any dealings with you. I see that there are people here who are very anxious to disturb my cordial understanding with you, possibly on both sides - Let us thank God for the steam cannons which we are expecting and for the steam shipping which we already possess. Who knows what distant swimmers there will be who will provide us with fresh air and freedom?! And now I must beg you not to have a bad opinion of me. I have never done anything wicked; and to prove the truth of my statement, when delivering the works I will send you the document declaring your ownership - Don't you think it quite possible that the Viennese publisher who tried to entice me away from you, may have thought out such a method of making you suspect me? At any rate he has already made some attempts to prevent the establishment of other connexions, so that I have very good reasons for thinking so. I don't think it possible that the Mass has been engraved. Such a rumour (and I certainly hope that it is only a rumour) may have been spread by a certain Stockhausen who is founding a singing club. In a letter to me he said many flattering things about the Mass, adding that the Court placed their confidence in him and had allowed him to make a copy of it for his club (but that I need not think that this priviledge would be abused). It would afford me much pleasure if you yourself would send me something to sign, some document in which I would assure you that you are the sole owner of these editions, which are the only correct ones. I may as well draft the documents now - I, the undersigned, declare by virtue of my signature that Bernhard Schotts Sohne at Mainz are the sole rightful publishers of my grand solemn Mass and also of my symphony in D minor. Further, I accept only these editions as the rightful and correct ones. Vienna, January, 1825 LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN I will shortly send you the tempi based on metronome markings. My metronome is sick and will have to recover its equable, regular pulse with the help of the watchmaker. That is all - for today - Would it not be possible to invent a method of multiplying copies of one's works oneself by stereotype without being forced to employ this scourge of copyists? - pensés More news soon - Gentlemen! The overture you received from my brother was performed here during the last few days. I was given much praise and so forth for it. But what is that compared with the great composer above - above - above - and rightfully called the All-Highest, seeing that here below composing is only ridiculed, the dwarfs being the all-highest !!!??? You are indeed frank and ingenuous, qualities which so far I have not found in publishers. I am glad of it and shake hands with you on that account. And who knows whether I shall not do so soon in person?! Gentlemen! I am about to go into the country and am just convalescing from an inflammation of my intestines. Hence I am sending you only a few lines - Look at the passage in the Opferlied, second verse, which runs: Solo voice I should like this passage to appear exactly as I am writing it down here, namely: You must see whether in the Mass a few passages here and there are exactly as I have written them out here Bar 39 1) In the Kyrie 3/2 After the Christe where the Kyrie comes in again 2) a rest of half a bar is missing in the clarinets Bar 87 3) In the Gloria at bar 10, the second flute part, instead of there should be 4) In the same portion at bar 87 of Allegro ma non troppo e ben marcato Sir! I am now sending you the title of the Mass Missa composita, et Serenissimo ac Eminentissimo Domino Domino Rodolpho Joanni Caesareo Principi et Archiduci Austriae, S.R.E. tit. s. Petro in monte aureo Cardinali et Archiepiscopo Olumucensi profundissima cum veneratione dedicata a Ludovico van Beethoven In the engraved copies the list of subscribers is to precede the dedications. 1. The Emperor of Russia 2. The King of Prussia 3. The King of France 4. The King of Denmark 5. The Elector of Saxony 6. The Grand Duke of Darmstadt 7. The Grand Duke of Tuscany 8. Prince Galitzin 9. Prince Radziwill 10. The Caecilia Association of Frankfurt Perhaps you have not yet received an assurance of your ownership of the Eb quartet. So I herewith add this assurance. I herewith confirm by my signature that Herren Bernhard Schotts Sohne have received from me a quartet in Eb for two violins, viola and violoncello and that this quartet is entirely their property. You would again like to have some works of mine? Excellent fellows!! You have grossly insulted me! You have played several wrong notes! Therefore you must first purge yourselves before my judgment seat here in Vienna. As soon as the ice has thawed Mainz must betake itself hither. The reviewing Councillor of the Supreme Court of Appeal must turn up here in order to answer for his actions. And now I send you all good wishes! We are far from being particularly attached to you! Handed in on the heights of Schwarzspanien without handing anything. I have had a great misfortune. But with God's help all will perhaps turn out well - With friendly greetings, your most devoted Beethoven My dear adopted son, who frequently wrote my letters to you, nearly killed himself. But it is still possible to save him. The district where I am now staying reminds me to a certain extent of the Rhine country which I so ardently desire to revisit. For I left it long ago when I was young. Write to me soon and send me some pleasant news. I have now been in bed for about two weeks, but I trust that God will help to get me up again. In bar 17 of the quartet in the second violin part instead of there should be (page 30 of the score.) In the second movement of the same quartet in the Adagio Molto Espressivo at bar 13 of the first violin part, instead of there should be (Page 5 of the first violin part, line 8, bar 4.) In the Finale of the same quartet (Paris edition) in the first violin part, page 11, bar 33, there should be instead of In the first movement of the same quartet in the second violin part, page 2, in the Allegro at bar 43, instead of there should be In the same movement and in the same part, page 3, line 8, bar 5, instead of there should be In the same part, in the same movement, 12/8 time, Tempo 1mo at bar 15 instead of there should be This last mistake is also in the Mainz edition. Now I have a very important request to make - My doctor has prescribed for me some very good old Rhine wine. Even if I were to offer an excessively large sum I could not obtain unadulterated Rhine wine in Vienna. As soon as my health permits, you will receive the metronome markings of the Mass as well. But at the moment I am just about to undergo a fourth operation - Hence the sooner I receive this Rhine wine or Moselle wine, the more beneficial it will be to me in my present condition; - and with all my heart I do beg you to do me this kindness for which I shall be gratefully obliged to you. _______________________________________________________ I am again repeating a request I have already made you, namely, for some old white Rhine wine or Moselle wine. It is extremely difficult to obtain that kind of wine here, in a genuine and unadulterated condition, even for a large sum of money. A few days ago, on February 27, I had my fourth operation. Even so I cannot yet hope for a complete recovery and cure. Pity your most devoted friend, who has the greatest regard for you. Beethoven _______________________________________________________ My health, which will not be restored for a very long time, demands that you should send me the wines I asked you for. They will certainly bring me refreshment, invigoration and good health.

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