Pablo Ortiz - Gallos y Huesos I Notker

This debut recording on the label Orchid Classics by Ars Nova Copenhagen and Paul Hilleir presents musci by Argentinean composer Pablo Ortiz. Gallos Y Huesos (Roosters & Bones) sets poems by Argentine writer Sergio Chejfec, alongside Notker, featuring texts by Notker the Stammerer, a monk and musician who died in 912.

Features Gallos y Huesos and Notker by the contemporary Argentinean composer Pablo Ortiz, who has collaborated with Paul Hillier over many years.

The recording is an unusual example of Scandinavian/South American collaboration and represents two worlds, the old and the new, Europe and America. 

Gallos y Huesos sets to music poems by one of the best contemporary Argentinean writers, Sergio Chejfec. Translated as Roosters and Bones, the poems explore the morphology of a rooster – the bird, its flapping wings, its presence in a meal, the gnawing of its bones and the bones in a kitchen sink. Ortiz’s piece is scored for the rare combination of five female voices, a baritone and harp.

Notker presents the words of the ninth-century Benedictine monk and scholar Notker also known as "the Stammerer", introduced to Pablo Ortiz by Paul Hillier. Though written a thousand years ago, Ortiz was struck by their beauty and relevance to the modern world.