Else Torp

2004 2012

Else Torp has specialized in performance, of early and new music, but also covers an extensive repertoire of Danish and German Lieder. In the semi-scenic repertoire she has performed Judith Weir's King Harald's Saga at a number of festivals and Walton's Facade. With Theatre of Voices, she has performed a wide range of repertoire in Europe, Australia and the US.

Else Torp has recently been featured with Scotish Chamber Orchestra in Bach's St John's Passion, with the Copenhagen Philharmonic Christmas Oratory and Concerto Copenhagen with The b Minor mass. 2008 included Arvo Pärt's Miserere at the Sonning Prize festival for Pärt in Copenhagen, and performances at BBC Proms, Berliner Festspiele and Sacrum Profanum in Krakow with Theatre of Voices and Stockhausen's Stimmung. She sang Pärt's "Passio" in his official televised estonian 70th birthday concert in 2005, and later performed Nørholm's "The Bell" with the Gulbenkian Orchestra in Lisbon. She has done the first performance of Gavin Bryars' "The Stone Arch" with the Kronos Quartet at the Barbican Centre's Steve Reich 70th birthday celebration festival and the first performance of Liu Sola's "The Afterlife of Li Jiantong" - also at the Barbican and at the Takkelloftet at the Royal Opera in Copenhagen in spring of 2009.

Recent CDs: "Cries of London" with Theatre of Voices/Fretwork (Harmonia Mundi), "Weyse Songs" (dacapo), "Stimmung" by Stockhausen and David Lang's "The Little Match Girl Passion" (both Harmonia Mundi).

Participated at following concerts with Ars Nova

Baltic tour Thursday den 3. March 2005 kl. 19:00
Baltic tour Wednesday den 2. March 2005 kl. 20:00
Baltic tour Tuesday den 1. March 2005 kl. 12:00
Baltic tour Saturday den 26. February 2005 kl. 15:00
Voices of the renaissance: John Taverner (II) Sunday den 28. November 2004 kl. 20:00 Rungsted Kirke
Voices of the renaissance: John Taverner (II) Sunday den 21. November 2004 kl. 16:00 Sankt Johannes Kirke, København
Voices of the renaissance: John Taverner (II) Sunday den 14. November 2004 kl. 17:00 Vigerslev Kirke
Heinrich Schütz: Davidssalmer Sunday den 10. October 2004 kl. 16:00
Heinrich Schütz: Davidssalmer Saturday den 9. October 2004 kl. 16:00
Heinrich Schütz: Davidssalmer Friday den 8. October 2004 kl. 19:00
Taverner & Tudor Music Wednesday den 8. September 2004 kl. 19:30 Vejleå Kirke
Taverner & Tudor Music Sunday den 22. August 2004 kl. 17:00 Frederiksborg Slotskirke
Taverner & Tudor Music Sunday den 18. July 2004 kl. 19:30 Slangerup Kirke
Taverner & Tudor Music Saturday den 17. July 2004 kl. 16:00 Sankt Pauls Kirke, København
Taverner & Tudor Music Friday den 16. July 2004 kl. 16:00 Sankt Nikolai Kirke, Nakskov
Norfolk & Norwich Festival Saturday den 15. May 2004 kl. 19:30 Norwich Cathedral
Arvo Pärt: Berlin Mass Wednesday den 6. November 2002 kl. 19:30 Allhelgona Kyrkan, Lund
Arvo Pärt: Berlin Mass Tuesday den 5. November 2002 kl. 20:00 Trinitatis Kirke
Arvo Pärt: Berlin Mass Monday den 4. November 2002 kl. 19:30 Stavnsholt kirke