A Meeting of Two Masters

Sunday, Oct 11th 2015 - 3:00pm
Price: 160,- / 96,- (under 26)

Ockeghem, the fifteenth-century Franco-Flemish guru of spiritual counterpoint,
and Arvo Pärt, eighty this year, the Estonian magus of mystic minimalism.

Although they generally use very different methods to create their sound-worlds, 
yet they usually seem to arrive at the same place.
Ockeghem's Missa Mi-Mi is named for its opening melodic motif, 

but beyond that, Ockeghem always seems to do the unexpected, 
and no-one has yet really explained how or why this music achieves such inevitable beauty. 
Pärt's music is almost easy to explain, at one level, but no-one has yet really explained why, 
by doing the expected, he always creates the unexpected. 

Our program interweaves motets by Pärt among the movements of Ockeghem's great Mass.

Read the concert programme:



Arvo Pärt Alleluia-Tropus
Johannes Ockeghem Missa Mi-Mi: Kyrie, Gloria
Arvo Pärt The woman with the alabaster box 
Johannes Ockeghem Miss Mi-Mi: Credo
Arvo Pärt I am the true vine   
Johannes Ockeghem Missa Mi-Mi: Sanctus & Benedictus  
Arvo Pärt Tribute to Caesar
Johannes Ockeghem Missa Mi-Mi: Agnus Dei
Arvo Pärt Da Pacem